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Veer is still searching for the bill in Jeet’s wallet. Durga who sees the coin tries to take the purse from Veer but Cherry takes it from Durga’s hand.

Soni tells Veer that tomorrow is their first wedding anniversary, she tells him that she had given a watch as his birthday present, she later asks him what he wants for their marriage anniversary. Veer tells her that he wants his old Soni back. The one who used to take care of the things given by him with utmost care and he goes away.

Cherry is keeping the coin inside her room. She lies to Durga that she had kept the coin in Jeet’s purse by mistake. Durga tells Jyoti that she will not let Cherry bring any differences between both brothers and as such she will do something about it.

At the Sareen Mansion, Soni meets Mahi and tells her about how sour her marriage relationship has turned into. Mahi tells Soni that she would have told Veer about her (Soni) and Jeet’s relation before only and now she has to tell Soni to inform Veer as soon as possible. Meanwhile Moni, the strange lady listens to their conversation behind close doors. After Soni leaves she asks Mahi about the marriage condition of Soni and she tells a few things which exactly only Mahi’s mother used to tell them.

Mahi sit and and kept thinking about Soni’s problem. Moni enters and suggest that they will both give Soni a similar matarani coin and all her problems will be solved. Soni is waiting for Veer. Veer comes home at night and Soni asks Veer what he wants again as it is their anniversary that day. Veer tells her that he has already told her earlier, and that there is one more thing that is the matarani’s coin. He asks whether she can give it to him. by that time lights are on……and whole family comes down the stairs to wish them a happy anniversary. harry by mistake letz out the idea of their anniversary party but lovely covers it up by speaking about baisakhi festival.

At the Khurana’s house, all the family members are sitting together and also talking about gifts for the wedding anniversary, suddenly Veer came and every body hide the gifts and remain silent. Veer asks them what happened but all of them said nothing. Veer went on his duty. After that Soni asks Durga permission to go to the market to buy some gift for Veer. Durga and Mr Khurana granted her the permission to go.

Mahi went with Soni to a jewller’s shop. Mahi asks the shopkeeper about the coin and tells him to make the same coin like the one given to Soni in the temple. The shopkeeper tells them that they had only one coin left but a few minute ago a lady bought that coin from their shop. Mahi asks about the lady, and she run outside from the shop to catch a glimpse of her. Both Mahi and Soni chase the lady who was in a car but at one stop page they both missed the car and couldn’t take the coin from the strange lady. Soni tells Mahi that it was good they couldn’t get the coin from the lady as it will be cheat if they give Veer a false coin. Mahi consoles Soni who was feeling helpless. Mahi tells her driver to take them to the Khurana’s house mansion.

At the Khurana’s house, celebrations and preparations are on going. Durga makes her presence known in a funny hair style for the rest of the family to see her, Mr Khurana and Lovely bhua hide their laugh. Mahi arrives with Soni. Everybody feels happy to see Mahi there. Mr Khurana asks Soni to get ready for the party. Mahi also goes with Soni to help her get ready for the party.

Jeet enters his room, but then Cherry also comes in, both look at each other and Jeet took a gift pack from almirah and tells Cherry that he bought it for Veer and Soni as their wedding gift. Cherry sees the gift and tells Jeet that it was very good. Cherry also shows a suit to Jeet and says that she bought it for him. She told him to wear it for the party. Jeet becomes happy.

Mahi helps Soni in preparation for the wedding anniversary. Soni tells Mahi that she was feeling very scared about the coin. Mahi tells her that the lady who claim to be their mother also says that every thing will be all right, Soni tells Mahi that she wants to talk to their mother on the phone. Mahi phoned her mother who talks to Soni on phone about what their father used to tell them whenever they are in trouble.

Soni again tells Mahi about her fears and tells her that if Veer asks her about the coin at the party, what then will she do. Mahi console her and tells her not to worry, and that if Veer should asks any question then she should tell him the honest truth.

In the garden, Cherry orders a man to bring a bouquet for Soni at the party and also to give her a gift pack. She ordered him to do all this in front of Veer. Durga sees all this from hiding herself behind a tree and also get shocked.



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