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The episode starts off with everyone watching what was happening backstage on the big screen, the guy who pretended to get injured gets up laughing and said “I don’t want to go to any hospitals” then Pinto says “But you are injured and soo much blood is coming out” and another guy says the guy with blood on his head is perfectly fine and it turns out that it was Tomato Ketchup on his head but not blood. Pinto gets angry and takes Krishna away from there. Everyone is confused and the other contestants look worried. The host then says “So friends this was not a joke this was our surprise round, there are people who love their family but how many people are there that care for others as well, I ask you (the audience) whoever can’t be a good person can they be a good couple?” The other host says “So audience this was our surprise round, it was the round of humanity, this test can’t be taken by telling them and in this test the winners are Mr and Mrs Pinto Singh” (Yay ) Raj Family and Babloo and Ganga look happy while Tuntun, Pinky, Dihati and Bihari look shocked and worried. Then the lady host calls Prishna on to stage and they come on to the stage. The man host says “So now the time has come to announce the winners as the marks have been given” Prishna look sad and worried and the other contestants look arrogant (Sorry didn’t have any other words for them ). The lady host says “So the Winners of Mr and Mrs Bhagalpur are…” and after a pause for suspense the two hosts announce the names together which is “Mr and Mrs Pinto Singh” (Yay, they won, soo happy ). Flower Petals fall on Prishna and they are both shocked and overjoyed (Me too) and so is everyone else (Afsar Bitiya title song is playing for a bit again after a long time ) Pinky’s shocked face is shown (Ha-ha Pinky, in your face ) Ganga is also happy Prishna are really happy and they hug, everyone is really happy, then the host says “Now the judges and organizers of this event will come on stage and give the prize to the winners”, they come on stage and Prishna, Chanchal, Saraswati, Manisha and Ravi are really happy, the trophy is being taken to Prishna and Bihari and Dihati look at it sadly. Prishna are presented the trophy and the cheque and the other prizes.

Over at the Singh Mansion, Sonu is eating and the helpers are shown watching television (Not going in to detail) then Sonu walks over to them and says “I’m feeling very sleepy” and the helper replies “Then just go and sleep in your room” and Sonu agrees and goes up to his room picking up his toys on the way (it feels nice to see more of Sonu )

Back to the competition, the contestants are being interviewed and Chanchal is getting impatient, Manish calms her down and makes her happy again. Then Pinky comes and stands next to her Parents and sees Prishna happy, Prishna walk over to Chanchal and them and Pinto touches Saraswati’s feet and she blesses him and Chanchal says “Wow my Sister and Jeeja ji are Mr and Mrs Bhagalpur, I’m am very happy” (and me too ) all are happy and Ravi congratulates Pinto and praises both Prishna for their winning and so does Manisha, then Pinto says “The thing is Manisha Didi, if you want something from the heart then you will surely get it” and makes them all laugh. Bihari and Dihati are jealous and badmouthing them (my parents taught me to never badmouth people ) and Dihati blames Bihari for losing the round and Bihari defends him self. Babloo goes to Prishna and the rest and congratulates them and blesses Prishna and is about to leave when Pinto stops him and Babloo says then he needs to go back home with Ganga and Tuntun to Sonu who is alone.

Over at the Singh Mansion, Sonu tries to get out of the bathroom but fails as it is locked, he calls Sitaram Bhaiyya but no response, he is confused as he can’t get out. Back to Prishna, Ganga and Tuntun are there with them and Pinto says to his Parents “Mum, Dad your Son and Daughter-in-law have won the Mr and Mrs Bhagalpur name” Tuntun doesn’t look to impressed and Ganga is happy and congratulates them and blesses them. Then they head off to leave and Pinto tells Ganga that he will drop Krishna off home then come, Ganga smiles at him and they all leave and Tuntun taunts Pinto. Everyone heads off home.

Back to the Singh Mansion, Sonu is still stuck inside and calling for help, but the helpers are too busy watching television and Sonu keeps trying (Poor Sonu, somebody save him ) Sonu gets an idea and stacks buckets and reaches the high window and calls for help from there. But still no response and he the buckets fall and so does her and hurts himself, he falls and is unconscious (I think ) the helpers are too busy watching television and Sonu just lays there and doesn’t move.

Ganga, Tuntun come back home, Tuntun is angry as at night someone in the house is watching television with the sound blasting. He walks in angrily, he is angry to see the helpers like that and shouts at them. Ganga asks about Sonu and Babloo and the helpers inform them about them, Babloo walks in and Ganga tells him to check on Sonu.

At the Raj Family house, everyone walks in all happy, Chanchal stops Prishna from going in to the house and takes everyone else in and Prishna are confused. Pinto asks Krishna what’s going on and Krishna replies that he should know as Chanchal is his laadli Saali. And Pinto praises his Saali (Chanchal) more, and says that she let them be alone for sometime (aww this is romantic ) and Pinto winks at her (some sexy wink you know ) the Krishna tries to get him to change his idea but he closes in on her and just then Chanchal comes and interrupts them and teases them (hehehe Cheeky Chanchal ) Prishna smile and Krishna tells her off.

At the Singh Mansion, Ganga praises Krishna and really happy with her and her values and how she misunderstands her all the time. Just then Babloo comes in and says that he can’t find Sonu in his room or anywhere else, everyone gets worried. Tuntun tells off the helper and then they all go look for him.

At the Raj house, Chanchal comes out with the rest with the venereation platter and then they do the aarthi and then they go in and Krishna talks to Vidyapati’s photo and all of the, are happy and they take photo’s and they take Prishna photo alone as well. Then Pinto gives the money for the teka to Ravi and Ravi takes it and Pinto and Ravi hug, then he thanks Prishna and gets emotional and Krishna consoles him and so does Pinto and makes him happy again (this was a nice scene) everyone laughs and Ravi shares the Money out with Krishna says he wants to see her as an IAS Officer now and Krishna remembers Pinky’s words. (Pinky sounds drunk in the flashbacks )

everyone searching for sonu in the house. Pintu gets a call from home and comes to know about sonu’s disappearance. Pintu tells Krishna and her family about it. Both pintu and Krishna go to search for Sonu.

Sonu is nowhere to be found, babloo asks the servant what sonu said before going to bed. The servant says that nothing he just said he’s going to sleep. Babloo scolds him and is really tensed as sonu is nowhere to be seen. Tuntun loses his calm as well and threatens the servants. Babloo blames himself for sonu’s disappearance; ganga blames herself for it as well. Pintu and Krishna come home and ask about sonu. Ganga says “sonu can’t be seen anywhere.” Krishna and pintu search the entire house once again. Sonu is lying unconscious on the floor in a room. Krishna manages to find sonu locked in a room. She calls everyone and tells them that sonu maybe locked in the room. babloo and pintu manage to break the door open and find sonu lying unconscious on the floor. Everyone’s shocked to see him on the floor, babloo tries to get him to open his eyes, sonu finally gains conscious. sonu tells them how he got locked in the room, babloo apologises for his mistake. sonu shows that he got hurt, babloo is in tears. Babloo promises to never leave him alone in the future. Ganga applies cream on sonu’s feet.

Babloo looks at sargam’s photo and remembers how she took care of sonu and he remember how sargam was feeling restless the day she passed away. Babloo says “why did you leave me sargam? See what happened today? I cannot take care of him alone.” Ganga takes care of babloo, sonu calls out for babloo. Sonu says “dad I really miss mamma.” Babloo is crying. “Why can’t she come back home for a few days?” Babloo looks at sargam’s photo. “ma wouldn’t have ever let me get hurt if she was here.” Babloo finally breaks out in tears and cries his heart out while hugging sonu.

Pintu tries to lighten the atmosphere, he says ‘Sonu, when your father cries he looks just like you. Is there a bet between you and your father on who will cry the most?” Babloo wipes hi tears and smiles slightly. “never let your father win this bet.” Sonu and babloo both smile. “Seems like now you both have a bet on who’ll smile the most.” Sonu smiles, and so do everyone. Pintu gets a call, he gives it to Krishna saying it’s from her home. Saraswati asks about sonu, Krishna assures them that sonu is fine. Pintu has a moment with sonu and makes him laugh. Ganga says that she’ll make dinner, but Krishna insists on cooking for the family. Krishna leaves to cook, tuntun is fuming in anger.

Saraswati all gloomy, manisha asks her if she’s okay. Saraswati says “sonu has been found.” Manisha says “thank god.” Saraswati says “I’m somewhere responsible for sonu’s condition. I brought Krishna home if she was there then this was never going to happen. Krishna is needed there. Pintu and Krishna love each other, I didn’t do it right by separating the two. No one does what pintu ji did for ravi.” Chanchal calls out to manisha. Manisha leaves to help chanchal.

Krishna serves dinner, tuntun glares at Krishna. Tuntun says “Pintu singh, it’s late. Drop Krishna home. It’s not nice for daughters to stay out till late.” Ganga was about to interrupt. Tuntun tells her that he doesn’t want anymore drama in this house. Pintu singh takes Krishna along with him. Krishna seeks tuntun and ganga’s blessings and leaves with pintu. Ganga asks tuntun why he asked Krishna to leave. Tuntun blames Krishna for losing sargam and doesn’t want to lose sonu now.

Pintu drops Krishna home, Krishna tells pintu to go home and that she’ll manage to go inside herself. Pintu is about to leave but he says “Krishna, shall I say something? Don’t mind what dad…” Krishna says “don’t say anything. I didn’t feel bad at all, he was upset for sonu. You go home, they need you there.” Krishna waves goodbye with a smile.

Krishna goes inside and sees saraswati sitting outside. She asks saraswati why she was outside. Saraswati asks if everything was okay there at pintu ji’s place. Krishna shares her concern and how she didn’t want to come back home. Krishna excuses herself but saraswati calls out to her, it ends on tensed Krishna.Saturday update on Krishi



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