Sacred Ties Teasers April-2018 Z Tv

Sacred Ties Teasers April-2018

Weekly/highlights Teasers Z Tv

Sunday  1 April 2018

Episode 173

Manjusha takes Sulochana to the pub where Varsha is partying with her friends. Sulochana gets shocked to see Varsha in modern outfits, dancing in a pub. Archana comes to know that Manav has taken a loan from his boss and bought the necklace. Sulochana confronts Varsha for going against the family values. But Varsha refuses to accept that she has done anything wrong.

Savita gets elated as Archana gives her the necklace. Varsha again lies to Sulochana and goes to attend her boss Ashwins party. Manav, Archana and Savita come to Sulochanas place for Ganesh festival. Sulochana gets confused as Savita thanks her for giving the necklace. Manjusha plans to teach Varsha a lesson and hence reveals the truth to Sulochana that Varsha has lied to her and gone for a party.

Varsha rebelliously retorts to her family that she desires to live life on her own terms. Sulochana and Manohar get tensed because of Varshas defiant behavior and want her to live according to their family values. Savita gets furious as she comes to know that the necklace which Archana gave her saying that it is given by Sulochana was actually given to her Manav.

Savita thinks that Archana is trying to create distance between her and Manav. Savita informs Archana that she came to know the truth about the necklace and takes her to Sulochanas house. Savita confronts Sulochana and blames her and Archana of cheating her. Archana gets disturbed by this and Manav understands her distress. Manav reveals the truth to Savita that he had bought the necklace and asked Archana to lie about it.

Savita blames Manav of being biased towards Archana and her family. Manavs uncle Vishwasrao gets furious with Savita as he comes to know about her demands from Sulochana and her family. Manav feels extremely bad as Savita speaks against Archana and her family. But Archana asks Manav never to argue with Savita because of her. Sulochana gathers enough funds and gets everything that Savita had demanded for. Savita gets really happy when Vinod and Manjusha drop in and give her the jewelries. But Archana gets tensed and fails to understand that how did Sulochana manage to buy all this.

Savita gets tensed as Vishwasrao informs her about the Satynarayan Puja to be held. Manav and Archana plan to go on a honeymoon to Mahabaleshwar. Manav again sees the pimp and follows him. He reaches a red light area where even Ajit is present. But Manav does not notice Ajit and catches hold of the pimp. Manav thrashes the pimp and tries to find out who had defamed Archana.

The pimp runs away from Manavs clutches. Ajit gets extremely worried and cautious after the incident. Varsha overhears Manjusha speaking to her mother Rasika about their plan of ruining Archanas life. Varsha confronts Manjusha and tells her that she will reveal all the truth to her family. Vinod witnesses Varsha speaking rudely with Manjusha and reprimands her. But Varsha vows to bring out Manjushas truth in front of the family. Majusha gets tensed and tells Rasika about this.

Ajit plans to put the blame on someone else to save himself from the wrath. Varsha is very upset as no one from her family trusts her anymore and tells Ashwin that she is ready to go to Pune for the conference. The pimp comes to meet Ajit and asks for his help. Ajit tells him a plan and decides to trap Manav in it.

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