My Lost Home Teasers April-2018 Zee World Firms

My Lost Home Teasers April-2018

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Sunday  1 April 2018

Episode 173

Soni is walking on the street , remembering her past, then once again be fainted on the road. a car stop in front of her, its jeet in the car. jeet comes out of car and be shocked to see soni fainted.

Jeet comes in his house lifted soni in his arms, all members including veer r shocked.

Durga is admiring Soni playing with a baby (I think it’s Simran).

Shabd and Veer talking.  Veer says to shabd “what you think is love may be the fact that she is embarrassed since she was caught red-handed”.  Obviously Shabd is trying to pacify Veer.

Soni calls on Mahi’s cell but Cherry hears Mahi talking to her.

Soni has escaped from the goons and is closely being followed by the goons when she find a tree and hides behind it.  She is praying to God to save her baby.


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